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Ajankohta St Kutsu Päivitetty kenttä Vanha arvo Uusi arvo
15.09.2020696OH7UHFStatus (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event Other status makes station hidden.)QRVQRT
15.09.2020696OH7UHFqtfempty (null)225
15.09.2020696OH7UHFData verified (manually updated field)2020-05-21 00:00:002020-05-21
15.09.2020696OH7UHFData verified by2020-05-21 00:00:00oh7vm
15.09.2020785OH2DMRStation's callsignOH2NJR/ROH2DMR
15.09.2020785OH2DMRStation descriptionRepeater in test run, to be OH2DMR
15.09.2020785OH2DMRqtfempty (null)Omni
15.09.2020785OH2DMRRemarksIn controlled test run, to be OH2DMR. TG 244 is not statically linked on TS1!
15.09.2020785OH2DMRqtfempty (null)Omni
15.09.2020785OH2DMRRemarksempty (null)Repeater is part of FinDMR NG (Brandmeister) DMR Network. Local FM repeater available for testing when no DMR activity is present (Access CTCSS 118.8hz TX+RX)
15.09.2020785OH2DMRShort name for stationLohja DMR 2mLohja VHF DMR
15.09.2020785OH2DMRqtfempty (null)Omni

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