OH3RTR / Tampere (50MHz/6m)

Date Updated field Old value New value
01.12.2017Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)QRVQRToh2gve
01.12.2017qtfempty (null)omnioh2gve
01.12.2017RemarksOptional CTCSS 123.0 Hz if interference keeps the squelch openoh2gve
01.12.2017Data verified (manually updated field)2014-04-19 00:00:002017-12-01oh2gve
01.12.2017Data verified by2014-04-19 00:00:00oh2gveoh2gve
19.04.2014Site descriptionRX Hervannan vesitornissa, TX kerhon katollaRX Hervannan vesitornissa, TX kerhon mastossaoh3bk
19.04.2014qtfempty (null)omnioh3bk
19.04.2014Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)-0,6-0.6oh3bk
19.04.2014Remarksempty (null)Optional CTCSS 123.0 Hz if interference keeps the squelch openoh3bk
19.04.2014Data verified (manually updated field)empty (null)2014-04-19oh3bk
19.04.2014Data verified byempty (null)oh3bkoh3bk
15.04.2014Latitude (WGS84, decimal)61.45340061.45080oh2gve
15.04.2014Longitude (WGS84, decimal)23.83560023.85679oh2gve
15.04.2014Access method (tone or CTCSS and freq)1750 Hz piippi tai D1750 Hz / DTMF *oh2gve
15.04.2014Short name for stationTampere (RX) Tampere (TX)Tampereoh2gve
15.04.2014Station's WWW site URLempty (null)http://oh3tr.ele.tut.fi/suomi/oh3rtr.shtmloh2gve
15.04.2014Site descriptionempty (null)RX Hervannan vesitornissa, TX kerhon katollaoh2gve
15.04.2014Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Tampereen teekkarien radiokerhooh2gve
15.04.2014URL of the responsible club's www siteempty (null)http://oh3tr.ele.tut.fi/oh2gve
15.04.2014City (location of the station)empty (null)Tampereoh2gve
15.04.2014Antenna alt. above sea level [m]222.000220.000oh2gve
15.04.2014Antenna alt. above ground level [m]67.00065.000oh2gve
15.04.2014Latitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)61.4534oh2gve
15.04.2014Longitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)23.8356oh2gve
15.04.2014Transmitter (TX) antennaempty (null)Aerial modifioitu 80 MHz kylkidipolioh2gve
15.04.2014Receiver (RX) antennaempty (null)Maailmaa nähnyt magneettipiiskaoh2gve
15.04.2014RX ant. polarisation (e.g. V)empty (null)Voh2gve
15.04.2014Access method (tone or CTCSS and freq)empty (null)1750 Hz piippi tai DTMF *oh2gve
15.04.2014Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)empty (null)-0,6oh2gve
12.02.2014Maidenhead locator (e.g. KP20KE)KP11WK KPKP11WKadmin