OH4RAC / Mikkeli (145MHz/2m)

Date Updated field Old value New value
22.02.2017Station descriptionempty (null)YAESU DR - 1X, 22.02.2017 >>>>>oh4sk
22.02.2017TX power [W]10.0018.00oh4sk
22.02.2017Access method (tone or CTCSS and freq)Tone 1750103.5 Hz Aoh4sk
03.12.2016Latitude (WGS84, decimal)61.68299961.62553oh4sk
03.12.2016Longitude (WGS84, decimal)27.25000027.25054oh4sk
29.07.2016Name of the responsible clubMikkelin Seudun Radioamatöörit ry.Mikkelin Seudun Radioamatöörit ry. OH4ACoh4sk
29.07.2016Transmitter (TX) antenna2 x pystydipoli AV14302 x pystydipoli, AV1430oh4sk
29.07.2016Responsible SYSOPempty (null)OH4SKoh4sk
29.07.2016Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Mikkelin Seudun Radioamatöörit ry.oh4sk
29.07.2016Transmitter (TX) antennaempty (null)2 x pystydipoli AV1430oh4sk
29.07.2016City (location of the station)empty (null)Mikkelioh7t