OH6AA-3 / Vaasa (145MHz/2m)

Date Updated field Old value New value
23.04.2015Latitude (WGS84, decimal)63.09999863.091199oh6gzt
23.04.2015Longitude (WGS84, decimal)21.60000021.554009oh6gzt
23.04.2015qtfempty (null)omnioh6gzt
23.04.2015Site descriptionempty (null)Vaskiluotooh6gzt
23.04.2015Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Vaasan Kuutoset RYoh6gzt
23.04.2015URL of the responsible club's www siteempty (null)http://www.oh6aa.fioh6gzt
23.04.2015City (location of the station)empty (null)Vaasaoh6gzt
23.04.2015Antenna alt. above sea level [m]70.00085.000oh6gzt
23.04.2015Antenna alt. above ground level [m]70.00080.000oh6gzt
23.04.2015Transmitter (TX) antennaempty (null)Diamond se-300oh6gzt
23.04.2015TX ant. polarisation (e.g. H)empty (null)Voh6gzt
23.04.2015qtfempty (null)omnioh6gzt
23.04.2015Receiver (RX) antennaempty (null)Diamond se-300oh6gzt
23.04.2015RX ant. polarisation (e.g. V)empty (null)Voh6gzt
22.04.2015Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)UNKNOWNQRVoh3hzb
22.04.2015qtfempty (null)omni ?oh3hzb