OH6RAG / Jakobstad / Pietarsaari (145MHz/2m)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRV
TX frequency145.625 MHz
TX power15 W
TX antennaAerial 4 x stacked dipole (omni)
TX antenna pol.V
RX antennaSame as TX
RX antenna polV

Available on Internet via Echolink Network, node # 372577.

Repeater specific

Access methodTone 1750, Echolink
TX/RX offset [MHz]-0.6 MHz


QTH city/townJakobstad / Pietarsaari
Maidenhead locatorKP13IQ
Coordinates (WGS84)63.6985, 22.7100
Altitude ASL [m]92 m
Altitude AGL [m]90 m
Site descriptionIn a mast on UPM Jakobstad Mills´ soda boiler building roof. Physical access restricted to authorized personnel only.


RemarksSome tower shadow to NNO (about 30°).
Normal range abt 100 km. Echolink node # 372577

Responsible person / club

Responsible clubThe CQ-club OH6AG
Responsible sysopOH6MLL

Data verified: 04/2014 (oh6nt)
Last modified: 01.10.2016 07:03

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8 stations (max: 15)