OH3RNE / Tampere City (433MHz/70cm)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRV
Station's website433MHz/70cm OH3RNE's website
TX frequency434.850 MHz
TX power35 W
TX antennaVX4000 5.8 dBi
TX antenna pol.V
RX antennavarious
RX antenna polV

Tampere City repeater, coverage in most of the town even with a portable radio. Also good mobile coverage around the Pirkanmaa region.

Full-time linked to the 145.750 MHz wide-area system.

Repeater specific

Access methodCTCSS 123.0
TX/RX offset [MHz]-2.0 MHz


QTH city/townTampere
Maidenhead locatorKP11UM
Coordinates (WGS84)61.5050, 23.7433
Altitude ASL [m]247 m
Altitude AGL [m]137 m
Site descriptionTX in Näsinneula 247 m asl

4 RX stations around town:

(1) Hervanta KP11VK 225 m asl
(2) Pyynikki KP11UL 180 m asl
(3) Tesoma KP11TM 183 m asl
(4) Elovainio KP11SN 198 m asl

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Remarks4 RX sites
Full-time linked to 145.750

Responsible person / club

Responsible clubTampereen Radioamatöörit ry OH3NE
Responsible sysopOH3HWX

Data verified: 06/2018 (oh3bk)
Last modified: 30.06.2018 12:47

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7 stations (max: 15)