OH7RAD-10 / Savo (28MHz/10m)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRT
Station's website28MHz/10m OH7RAD-10's website
TX frequency29.005 MHz
TX power8 W
TX antenna1/2 wl vertical
TX antenna pol.V
RX antennaJ-dipole
RX antenna polV

10 m gateway of cross-band FM two-way simplex repeater 144.650 MHz CTCSS 85.4 Hz - 50.850 MHz CTCSS 151.4 Hz - 29.005 MHz CTC 85.4 Hz with remote controlled Emergency Communications networking capability (Savo-Karjalan turvaviestintäverkko, TUVI). Optional parrot and packet modes. Networked with OH7RAC, Koli. X-band transceiver is a TYT TH-9800. Introduction: http://www.oh7ab.fi/foorumi/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=225&start=80#p2470

Repeater specific

Access methodCTCSS 85,4 Hz
TX/RX offset [MHz]


QTH city/townLeppävirta
Maidenhead locatorKP32XM
Coordinates (WGS84)62.5027, 27.9710
Altitude ASL [m]150 m
Altitude AGL [m]10 m
Site descriptionHill Mustinmäki. Aerials on building roof. Connected to OH7RAC, Koli, with independent wireless 50 MHz network. Interconnecting distance 110 km.


RemarksTwo-way cross-band simplex FM network gateway repeater 144.650 MHz CTCSS 85,4 Hz - 50.850 MHz CTCSS 151,4 Hz - 29.005 MHz CTCSS 85.4 Hz. No hanging carrier. Remotely configurable. Independent wireless provincial EmCom network on common 50 MHz base frequency with OH7RAC, Koli. Battery backupped. APRS igate from voice repeater freqs.

Responsible person / club

Responsible clubSRT ry
Responsible sysopTARMO OH6ECF

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