OH1DMRA / Pori 70cm FM / DMR (433MHz/70cm)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRV
Station's website433MHz/70cm OH1DMRA's website
TX frequency434.56250 MHz
TX power30 W
TX antennaOmni Directional at 36m
TX antenna pol.V
RX antennaOmni Directional at 48m
RX antenna polV

Repeater TX power lowered temporary to 30W.
Supported modes via automatic selection:
- Analog FM, CTCSS 103.5Hz (svxlink)
- DMR Tier 2, ColorCode1 (mmdvm)
- D-STAR (mmdvm, testing)
- Echolink as OH1DMRA-R (svxlink)
- Aprs FM I-Gate rx-only (direwolf)
- Aprs DV D-Star (mmdvm)
For more information go to site URL.

Repeater specific

Access methodCC1 / CTCSS 103.5Hz
TX/RX offset [MHz]-2.0 MHz


QTH city/townPori
Maidenhead locatorKP01TK
Coordinates (WGS84)61.4428, 21.6578
Altitude ASL [m]75 m
Altitude AGL [m]48 m
Site descriptionRepeater is build by ham-radio hobbyists at Teljän Radioamatöörit club towers. Parts used mainly second hand components.

Repeater supports modes analog FM, D-Star and DMR via automatic mode selection. Colorcode 1.
The repeater is connected to FinDMR 2441 OH1 and 244 OH group as static. All other TG:s is dynamic for, list at website. TS/TG list is compatible with FinDMR-NG.
TG9 Local mainly on use at DMR.
For more information go to site URL.

Echolink available as OH1DMRA-R (FM analog only) OH* Acess open, for other callsigns send mail to OH1E. more information at repeater url site above.

Repeater site is battery backup powered


DMR ID244101
RemarksMultimode repeater

Responsible person / club

Responsible clubTeljän Radioamatöörit ry
Responsible sysopOH1AYF


  FinDMR DMR network

  FinDMR hybrid network

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Last modified: 02.07.2021 22:49


OH1RUB Pori (433MHz/70cm)
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5 asemaa (max: 15)