OH2RCH / Kauniainen (TX) Espoo (RX) (28MHz/10m)

Ajankohta Päivitetty kenttä Vanha arvo Uusi arvo
09.10.2023Station's WWW site URLempty (null)http://oh2ch.fi/oh2lak
09.10.2023Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Espoon Radiokerho r.y. OH2CHoh2lak
09.10.2023URL of the responsible club's www siteempty (null)http://oh2ch.fi/oh2lak
09.10.2023Data verified (manually updated field)2015-01-01 21:00:002015-01-01oh2lak
09.10.2023Data verified by2015-01-01 21:00:00oh2lakoh2lak
25.08.2018RemarksQRV soonoh3hzb
25.08.2018Data verified (manually updated field)2015-01-02 00:00:002015-01-02oh3hzb
25.08.2018Data verified by2015-01-02 00:00:00oh3hzboh3hzb
02.01.2015Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)empty (null)-0.1oh3bk
02.01.2015Data verified (manually updated field)empty (null)2015-01-02oh3bk
02.01.2015Data verified byempty (null)oh3bkoh3bk
12.02.2014Short name for stationKauniainen (TX) Espoo (RX)Kauniainen (TX) Espoo (RX)admin
12.02.2014Maidenhead locator (e.g. KP20KE)KP20IF KPKP20IFadmin
27.07.2013Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)QRVQRTadmin