OH1RAU / Turku (433MHz/70cm)

Date Updated field Old value New value
27.02.2024Data verified (manually updated field)2014-04-16 20:00:002014-04-16oh3bk
27.02.2024Data verified by2014-04-16 20:00:00oh3bkoh3bk
10.08.2018Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)QRVQRToh1co
10.08.2018Site descriptionParolanpuiston vesitornioh1co
10.08.2018Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Turun Radiomatöörit ryoh1co
10.08.2018Maidenhead locator (e.g. KP20KE)KP10CLoh1co
10.08.2018Antenna alt. above sea level [m]101.000oh1co
10.08.2018Antenna alt. above ground level [m]43.000oh1co
10.08.2018Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)-1.6-2oh1co
10.08.2018Data verified (manually updated field)2014-04-17 00:00:002014-04-17oh1co
10.08.2018Data verified by2014-04-17 00:00:00oh1cooh1co
23.10.2015Responsible SYSOPempty (null)oh1cooh1co
23.10.2015URL of the responsible club's www siteempty (null)www.oh1aa.netoh1co
23.10.2015City (location of the station)empty (null)Turkuoh1co
23.10.2015Data verified (manually updated field)2014-04-17 00:00:002014-04-17oh1co
23.10.2015Data verified by2014-04-17 00:00:00oh1cooh1co
17.04.2014Short name for stationTurku Parolanpuiston vesitorniTurkuoh3bk
17.04.2014Site descriptionempty (null)Parolanpuiston vesitornioh3bk
17.04.2014Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)empty (null)-1.6oh3bk
17.04.2014Data verified (manually updated field)empty (null)2014-04-17oh3bk
17.04.2014Data verified byempty (null)oh3bkoh3bk