OH0RUB / Jomala DMR (433MHz/70cm)

Ajankohta Päivitetty kenttä Vanha arvo Uusi arvo
02.08.2018Short name for stationJomalaJomala DMRoh3hzb
02.08.2018qtfempty (null)Omnioh3hzb
30.07.2018qtfempty (null)Omnioh3hzb
30.07.2018Access method (tone or CTCSS and freq)empty (null)CC 1oh3hzb
14.10.2015Site descriptionmix mode 114.8mix mode.Subton 114.8 TX/RX analogtoh0eoh
14.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh0eoh
14.10.2015Mode (CW, FM, NFM, ATV...)mix mode FMoh0eoh
14.10.2015Site descriptionempty (null)mix mode 114.8oh0eoh
14.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh0eoh
14.10.2015Mode (CW, FM, NFM, ATV...)mix mode 1mix mode oh0eoh
14.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh0eoh
14.10.2015Mode (CW, FM, NFM, ATV...)mix mode 1mix mode 114.8oh0eoh
14.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh0eoh
14.10.2015Station descriptionempty (null)Repeater is part of Hytera DMR network. oh0eoh
14.10.2015Mode (CW, FM, NFM, ATV...)empty (null)mix mode 114.8oh0eoh
14.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh0eoh
13.10.2015Station's callsignOH0RUDOH0RUBoh2lak
13.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh2lak
13.10.2015Maidenhead locator (e.g. KP20KE)empty (null)JP90XDoh2lak
13.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh2lak
13.10.2015TX frequency [MHz]432.55000434.55000oh2lak
13.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh2lak
13.10.2015Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)UNKNOWNQRVoh2lak
13.10.2015Responsible SYSOPempty (null)OH0EOHoh2lak
13.10.2015Name of the responsible clubempty (null)Ålands Radioamatöreroh2lak
13.10.2015City (location of the station)empty (null)Jomalaoh2lak
13.10.2015Antenna alt. above sea level [m]empty (null)85oh2lak
13.10.2015Antenna alt. above ground level [m]empty (null)15oh2lak
13.10.2015Latitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)60.140497oh2lak
13.10.2015Longitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)19.953547oh2lak
13.10.2015TX frequency [MHz]empty (null)432.550oh2lak
13.10.2015TX power [W]empty (null)30oh2lak
13.10.2015Transmitter (TX) antennaempty (null)Aerial 4-bay stacked dipoleoh2lak
13.10.2015TX ant. polarisation (e.g. H)empty (null)Voh2lak
13.10.2015qtfempty (null)Omnioh2lak
13.10.2015RX ant. polarisation (e.g. V)empty (null)Voh2lak
13.10.2015Duplex freq. shift in MHz (e.g. -1.6)empty (null)-2,0oh2lak