OH6RDA / Vimpeli APRS (145MHz/2m)

Date Updated field Old value New value
13.09.2023Status (QRV or QRT. If EVENT, shown on event rep.page. Other status makes station hidden.)UNKNOWNQRVoh3hzb
13.09.2023Station descriptionempty (null)TX-igate. Software: Direwolf 1.6 + Linux OSoh3hzb
13.09.2023Station's WWW site URLempty (null)https://6kw.fi/oh6rda/oh3hzb
13.09.2023Mode (CW, FM, NFM, ATV...)empty (null)1200AFSKoh3hzb
13.09.2023Responsible SYSOPempty (null)OH6KWoh3hzb
13.09.2023City (location of the station)empty (null)Vimpelioh3hzb
13.09.2023Maidenhead locator (e.g. KP20KE)empty (null)KP13VDoh3hzb
13.09.2023Antenna alt. above ground level [m]empty (null)10oh3hzb
13.09.2023Latitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)63.13575879120382oh3hzb
13.09.2023Longitude (WGS84, decimal)empty (null)23.780790382069398oh3hzb
13.09.2023TX frequency [MHz]empty (null)144.800oh3hzb
13.09.2023TX power [W]empty (null)4.0oh3hzb
13.09.2023Transmitter (TX) antennaempty (null)Vertical dipoleoh3hzb
13.09.2023TX ant. polarisation (e.g. H)empty (null)Voh3hzb