OH7RAE / Nurmes (145MHz/2m)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRV
TX frequency145.675 MHz
TX power20 W
TX antennaAerial AV-1912
TX antenna pol.V
RX antennaAerial AV-1912
RX antenna polV

Repeater specific

Access methodCTCSS 118.8
TX/RX offset [MHz]-0.6 MHz


QTH city/townNURMES
Maidenhead locatorKP43KL
Coordinates (WGS84)63.4960, 28.8510
Altitude ASL [m]305 m
Altitude AGL [m]65 m
Site description


RemarksChanging the OH7RAE Repeater station to a new better QTH 16.September 2017.

New Yaesu DR-1XE repeater radio on the Air 29.October 2017.

Work in progress:

Later connecting three repeaters together Nurmes-Koli-Joensuu.

The North Karelian Radio Group and the Upper Karelian Radio Amateurs joint project.

Responsible person / club

Responsible clubYlä-Karjalan Radioamatöörit ry
Responsible sysopOH7KIM

Data verified: 10/2017 (oh7kim)
Last modified: 29.10.2017 21:28


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10 asemaa (max: 15)