OH4RUC / Mikkeli DMR (433MHz/70cm)

Status (QRV/QRT) QRV
Station's website433MHz/70cm OH4RUC's website
TX frequency434.750 MHz
TX power13 W
TX antennaAerial AV1914
TX antenna pol.V

This is a mixed mode repeater. Supported modes are analog FM, DMR, D-Star and YSF. The DMR module is connected to the BrandMeister server BM2441 and the D-Star module is linked to the DCS010 O. The YSF is running stand-alone, it is not linked to any network. The analog FM has optional DTMF controlled connections to the EchoLink and SvxReflectors. The EchoLink ID is 324068. Direwolf is listening APRS packets on the input frequency and forwards position information to the APRS-IS.

Repeater specific

Access methodCC 1, T103
TX/RX offset [MHz]-1.6 MHz


QTH city/townMikkeli
Maidenhead locatorKP31PR
Coordinates (WGS84)61.7258, 27.3222
Altitude ASL [m]185 m
Altitude AGL [m]60 m
Site descriptionThe network connection is DNA Laitenetti (3G 128 kbit/s)


DMR ID244401
RemarksThe input frequency is temporarily 433.150 MHz until we get the duplexer filter re-tuned to -2.0 MHz offset.

Responsible person / club

Responsible club
Responsible sysopOH4VA, OH4SK


  FinDMR DMR network

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OH4RUC Mikkeli (433MHz/70cm)
OH4RAC Mikkeli (145MHz/2m)
OH4RDC Mikkeli (145MHz/2m)
OH4RAB Pieksämäki (145MHz/2m)
OH4RUB Pieksämäki (433MHz/70cm)

5 asemaa (max: 15)