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Callsign Location/name TX freq. p. Loc. TX/RX offset Access
 OH1RHUTurku (RX) Lieto (TX) 29.680VKP10DL-0.1Tone 175030100
 OH2RCHKauniainen (TX) Espoo (RX) 29.670VKP20IF-0.15099QRV soon
 OH3RUBHämeenkyrö 29.690VKP11NQ30166QRT, tunnus karenssissa


Callsign Location/name TX freq. p. Loc. TX/RX offset Access
 OH2RCHKauniainen (TX) Espoo (RX) 51.970VKP20IF-0.65099QRV soon
 OH3RTRTampere 51.950VKP11WK-0.61750 Hz / DTMF *50220Optional CTCSS 123.0 Hz if interference keeps the squelch open
 OH6RVCLapua 51.850VKP12LX-0.6Tone 175010140


Callsign Location/name TX freq. p. Loc. TX/RX offset Access
 OH0RAADalkarby 145.675VJP90XD-0.6Tone 17501582
 OH1RABKiukainen 145.725VKP01XG-0.6Tone 175010124
 OH1RADSalo 145.700VKP10NJ-0.6Tone 17501593
 OH1RAEKankaanpää 145.625VKP11ET-0.6Tone 17503042
 OH1RAIUusikaupunki 145.600VKP00RT-0,6CTCSS 103,5 Hz1554Akkuvarmennettu
 OH1RAUTurku Parolanpuisto 145.775VKP10CL-0.6Tone 175050101
 OH2RAAHelsinki 145.750VKP20LE-0.6CTCSS 118.85062
 OH2RCHLohja Salimäki 145.600VKP20AI-0.6Tone 175050140Tower shadow towards northeast
 OH2RCHEspoo / Juhanila   145.625VKP20JE-0.6CTCSS 118.825132FM/C4FM repeater
CTCSS also on output
 OH2RCHEspoo Juhanila 145.78750VKP20JE-0.6CTCSS 118,850132PA failure
Narrow channel, max deviation 3kHz
 OH3RAAHämeenlinna 145.675VKP20FW-0.6Tone 175050185
 OH3RACLahti 145.775VKP20TX-0.6Tone 175020200
 OH3RANForssa 145.650VKP10TT-0.6Tone 175010151
 OH3RARHausjärvi Erkylä 145.725VKP20LQ-0.6Tone 175050197
 OH3RNETampere Wide Area 145.750VKP11UM-0.6CTCSS 123.0452473 RX sites around the town, voting with SvxLink:
(1) Hallila 222 m
(2) Tesoma 183 m
(3) Pyynikki 180 m
Full-time linked to 434.850
 OH4RABPieksämäki 145.675VKP32EG-0.6CTCSS 103,515185
 OH4RACMikkeli 145.750VKP31PO-0.6Tone 175010223
 OH5RAAKotka 145.650VKP30KL-0.6Tone 17501570
 OH5RABJoutseno 145.775VKP41EC-0.6Tone 175012102
 OH5RACKouvola 145.700VKP30IU-0.6Tone 175010122
 OH6RAAVaasa 145.750VKP03SC-0.6Tone 17505115
 OH6RADJyväskylä 145.700VKP22SI-0.6Tone 175025302
 OH6RAEViitasaari 145.775VKP23UE-0.6Tone 175030240
 OH6RAGJakobstad / Pietarsaari 145.625VKP13IQ-0.6Tone 1750, Echolink 1592Some tower shadow to NNO (about 30°).
Normal range abt 100 km. Echolink node # 372577
 OH6RAHSeinäjoki 145.675VKP12JS-0.6CTCSS 110,9 Hz15175FM/C4FM repeater
CTCSS also on output
 OH6RAQJämsä Himos 145.600VKP21PV-0.6Tone 175030225
 OH6RARNärpiö 145.700VKP02RM-0.6Tone 17501596
 OH6RAWKokkola 145.700VKP13NU-0.6Tone 17501746
 OH7RAAKuopio 145.600VKP32TV-0.6Tone 1750 and/or CTC27229Optional CTCSS 118.8Hz or DTMF *
CTCSS also on output
 OH7RABJoensuu 145.750VKP42VO-0.6Tone 175015145
 OH7RACKoli 145.550VKP43VC0 CTCSS 85,4 Hz 30Two-way cross-band simplex FM repeater 145.550 / 51.590 MHz. Remotely configurable. Independent wireless EmCom networking ability. Battery backupped. APRS listen and digipeat from both repeater freqs.
 OH7RAENurmes 145.675VKP43MN-0.6CTCSS 118.850178
 OH7RAIIisalmi 145.650VKP33MP-0.6Tone 175025229
 OH7RAOOutokumpu 145.725KP42MR-0.6CTCSS 118.8
 OH8RAAOulu 145.750VKP25RA93NT-0.6Tone 1750, DTMF *5095
 OH8RACKuusamo 145.725VKP45NW-0.6Tone 1750, DTMF *250
 OH8RAKKajaani 145.700VKP34UE-0.6Tone 175025230
 OH8RAUNivala 145.600VKP23LW-0.6Tone 175015124
 OH8RMDOulu VHF DMR   145.63750VKP25WA-0,6CC 125259Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
Up and running at Digita site. Not all Talkgroups available yet.
 OH9RABRovaniemi 145.700VKP26WO-0.6Tone 1750, DTMF *10200
 OH9RACKemijärvi 145.650VKP36RR-0.61750 Hz12282
 OH9RARTervola 145.775VKP26IC-0.6Tone 1750, DTMF *15314
 OH9RATYllästunturi 145.600VKP27CN-0.6Tone 175015750


Callsign Location/name TX freq. p. Loc. TX/RX offset Access
 OH0RUAJomala 434.700VJP90XD-1.6Tone 1750892
 OH0RUBJomala   434.550VJP90XD-2,03085
 OH1RAUTurku 434.775VKP10CL-1.6Tone 175015101
 OH1RUBPori 434.725VKP01WK-1.6Tone 17501063
 OH1RUDSalo 434.700VKP10NJ-1.6Tone 17501093
 OH1RUFJämijärvi 434.975VKP11IS-2.0Tone 175050204Will be connected to R.NET later in 2014
 OH1RUGSastamala 434.800VKP11LI-2.0tone 1750Hz30120
 OH1RUHParainen 434.850VKP10DH-1.6Tone 1750880
 OH1RUKRauma 434.675VKP01RC-1.6Tone 17501573
 OH1RULKokemäki 434.650VKP11FG-1.6Tone 17508126
 OH1RUMKoski TL 434.925VKP10MQ-2.0Tone 17508147Solar panel, windmill
Battery powered.
 OH1RUNUusikaupunki 434.825VKP00RT-1.6Tone 17502554
 OH2DMRJuhanila Fusion 434.53750VKP20JE-2.0CTCSS 118,8 Hz25132Dual mode C4FM & FM
 OH2DMREspoonlahti DMR   434.51250VKP20HD-2.0CC 15099Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH2DMRPasila DMR   434.575VKP20LE-2.0CC 150131Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH2RAYArtjärvi 434.775VKP30CR-1.6Tone 17501591
 OH2RCHEspoo Juhanila   434.825VKP20JE-2.0CTCSS 118.8 / NAC293100102FM/P25 dualmode repeater
CTCSS tone on output also
 OH2RUAHelsinki 434.750VKP20LE-2.0CTCSS 118.815115QRT
 OH2RUBPorvoo 434.875VKP20UJ-2.0Tone 1750882
 OH2RUCNurmijärvi 434.700VKP20IM-2.0CTCSS 118.815182Battery backupped. CTCSS tone on output also.
RX on AUTO mode (auto-selection between fusion digital C4FM and analog FM). TX fixed on analog FM.
 OH2RUFVantaa 434.900VKP20MH-2.0CTCSS 118,8 Hz1090Carrier squelch, CTCSS tone only for access. Access also with 1750 Hz toneburst.
 OH2RULLohja 434.725VKP20AF-1.6Tone 175015110
 OH2RUPJärvenpää 434.650VKP20ML-2.0CTCSS 118.82098
 OH3DMRALahti DMR   434.550VKP20UX- 2.0CC 125179Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH3RAAHämeenlinna   434.625VKP20FW-2.0Tone 175050185
 OH3RACLahti 434.600VKP20TX-2.0CTCSS 123.020180New Yaesu Fusion repeater installed and running on \"testmode\"
 OH3RNETampere Tesoma DMR   434.550VKP11TM-2.0CC 145183Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH3RNETampere City 434.850VKP11UM-2.0CTCSS 123.025247Split-site system
Full-time linked to 145.750
 OH3RNETampere Hervanta DMR   434.525VKP11VK-2.0CC 130225Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH3RTRTampere   434.950VKP11VK-2.0CTCSS 123.040222
 OH3RUDVesijako 434.800VKP21MI-2.0Tone 175050241Currently not connected to R.NET.
 OH3RURRiihimäki   434.675VKP20JS-2.0tone 175035135Raspberry Pi + BSR
 OH3RUXVirrat 434.900VKP22AF-2.0Tone 175050305
 OH4RUBPieksämäki   434.800VKP32NH-2.0Tone 175020235
 OH4RUCMikkeli 434.750VKP31PR-1.6Tone 175020185
 OH5RUAKotka   434.725VKP30KL-2.0CTCSS 114.85070
 OH5RUBLappeenranta 434.775VKP41CB-2.0Tone 175010105
 OH5RUDLappeenranta   434.53750VKP41CB-2.0CC 112190DMR-MARC / OHTRBO Network
 OH5RUGKouvola 434.850VKP30IU-1.6Tone 175030130Temporary 50W output power with DTMF #1
 OH5RUMHamina 434.925VKP30NP-1.6Tone 175050106
 OH6AD/RJyväskylä DMR   434.51250VKP22UG-2.0CC150275Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network..
 OH6AK/RSaarijärvi DMR   434.575VKP22TS-2.0CC150246Repeater is part of FinDMR DMR network.
 OH6RAHSeinäjoki 434.675VKP12JS-2.0CTCSS 110,915205WIRES-X ID 27629

FM/C4FM repeater
CTCSS also on output
 OH6RUAVaasa 434.750VKP03SC-2.01750Hz Tone5115QRT For repair.
 OH6RUBLapua 434.625VKP12LX-1.6Tone 175020328
 OH6RUCKaustinen   434.900VKP13UN-2.0CTCSS 110.925150
 OH6RUDJyväskylä   434.725VKP22UG-2.0CTCSS 110.950270New location.
 OH6RUEViitasaari   434.850VKP23WC-2.0CTCSS 110.95207Low pwr due to duplexer-problem. Hopefully will be fixed before summer.
 OH6RUGJakobstad / Pietarsaari   434.700VKP13IQ-2.0CTCSS 110,91548
 OH6RUHHirvaanmäki   434.600VKP22TS-2,0CTCSS 110.950246QRT due to lightning damage.
 OH6RUJJyväskylä Laajavuori 434.650VKP22UG-2.0CTCSS 110.925285Temporary test setup - C4FM/FM repeater w/ automatic mode change.
 OH6RUPTeuva 434.925VKP02VK-1.6Tone 175015182
 OH6RUQJämsänkoski   434.700VKP21OW-2.0Tone 175020201Mokkula yhteys
 OH6RURNärpiö 434.800VKP02RM-1.6Tone 17500101
 OH6RUTKauhajoki 434.875VKP12CJ-1.6Tone 175015153
 OH6RUWKokkola   434.800VKP13NU-2.0CTCSS 110.92546
 OH7RUAKuopio 434.700VKP32TV30228QRT due to equipment failure
 OH7RUBJoensuu 434.650VKP42VO-1.6Tone 175010145
 OH7RUIIisalmi 434.750VKP33MP-1.6Tone 17500240
 OH8RMDOulu DMR   434.575VKP24SX-2.0CC 14575Planned to be installed Aug-Sep 2016. Currently in Kempele as OH8RUA
 OH8RUAKempele   434.750VKP24SV-2.0Tone 17501554Currently DMR mode in test - FM to be used again when DMR moved to Maikkula Water tower
 OH8RUBKajaani   434.675VKP34UE-2.0CTCSS 114.850250
 OH8RUDOulu   434.975VKP25RB-2.0CTCSS 114.850250
 OH8RURPattijoki 434.925VKP24GQ-2,0CTCSS 114.81057
 OH8RUUYlivieska 434.600VKP23JX-2.0Tone 175015112
 OH9RUBRovaniemi   434.700VKP26WO-2.0Tone 175025200
 OH9RURTornio 434.775VKP25CS-1.6Tone 1750, DTMF *5059
 OH9RUTYllästunturi 434.650VKP27CN-1.6Tone 1750, DTMF *25732


Callsign Location/name TX freq. p. Loc. TX/RX offset Access
 OH1RAUTurku 1297.000VKP10CL15101QRT
 OH2RCHEspoo / Kauniainen 1297.125VKP20JD-6.03599QRT due to relocation
 OH3RAAHämeenlinna 1297.050VKP20FW-6.01750Hz Tone25185
 OH3RNETampere 23 cm 1297.000VKP11UM-6.0carrier30247Under repairs, operational again 2015
 OH5RUGKouvola 1297.200VKP30IU-6.0Tone 175015130
 OH5RUMVehkalahti 1297.075VKP30NP-6.0Tone 175015113
 OH6RVCLapua 1297.425VKP12XL-6.0Tone 17503116, Suomen radioamatöörien toistinasemat ja majakat -